Alternatives to King’s Cross

At present available office space in King’s Cross is at a yearly low, yet our research shows demand for the area has never been higher. With office space being scarce, would-be occupiers are finding themselves looking to King’s Cross’s neighbours for solutions to their office space needs.

King's cross office space

Flexible Office Space in Camden

Camden is a popular destination for new businesses and attracts a wide range of industries. In addition to those specifically searching for office space in Camden, the area also see’s a high demand from companies that have failed to find space in King’s Cross. Although the regeneration of King’s Cross is well underway, it currently […]

Wework Moorgate

Co-working: Exclusively creative?

People often see Co-Working as a niche way of working; a method exclusively used by creatives and entrepreneurs but never utilised in the corporate world. It’s easy to see why, when the collaborative nature and natural openness of Co-working is overtly avoided in certain sectors. Yet despite the obvious reservations held by some, the Co-working philosophy

Occupying a Small Office Space in King’s Cross

The recent developments in King’s Cross have made significant progress in regenerating the area, and demand for office space in King’s Cross has seen a steady rise over the last few years. While this can only be good news for the area, the latest projects are all purpose built for large occupiers such as Google […]