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King’s Cross’s transport links continue to attract

When people hear King’s Cross they immediately think of transport – superb tube links, Mainline Rail and St. Pancras International. Despite the progressive work carried out in recent years to regenerate the area, it will first and foremost be known as London’s busiest station, its heart of travel, and the start of connections nationwide. Yet whilst some may see this as a mundane connotation, it’s actually one of the most cited reasons behind moves to King’s Cross, and this attraction holds influence across the whole of the UK.

At the same time, it would be difficult to ignore the importance of the development works in drawing business to King’s Cross. At present, it is a destination in transition, very much like Victoria. Big names have already been attracted to King’s Cross, most notably Google and before them Guardian media group, and moves such as these have had a knock on effect throughout the tech and media industries. When works are complete, King’s Cross is sure to become a major player in the London office market, attracting a variety of businesses and providing diverse and vibrant office space. Until then however, it’s only King’s Cross’s excellent connectivity that continues to drive inquiries to the area.

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Part of the King’s Cross development near the newly redesigned Granary Square

Demand for office space in King’s Cross has seen a steady rise and this can be attributed to a number of factors. Some have seen it as a refuge from higher rents, others an extension of ‘tech city’, but for companies outside the capital, it’s seen as the gateway to London. We often find that King’s Cross is favoured by companies in the north of England who would like a London headquarters that is easily accessible, and the buildings available in King’s Cross cater to this well. However in the last five years it’s become clear that London based companies, as well as those from the south east and south west of England, also consider King’s Cross as a prime destination for similar reasons.

Our research department have pooled data from the last 2 years to give an overview of where King’s Cross is most popular and what the reasons behind its popularity are.

pie chart kings cross

N.B. The above data discounts any occupier already based in King’s Cross

Our study indicates that offices in King’s Cross still appeal most to those searching from London. Areas such as Manchester and Leeds were the most likely to enquire about King’s Cross from the north of England, and overseas and South of England enquiries were fairly low. Our research also shows that transport is consistently the most important factor in attracting new companies to King’s Cross, especially for those based outside of London. Transport clearly has more of an effect of those searching from outside the capital, particularly from the north and south of England. For London based businesses there are more factors involved in their decision to move to King’s Cross.

bar chart 2

Note: For the purpose of this report King’s Cross is defined as N1, WC1X and NW1. Data has been compiled by The ROW Group on behalf of King’s Cross Office Space

Like Shoreditch, King’s Cross has become popular amongst the more trendy tech and media companies and offers buildings of exceptional quality. A prime example of this is The Office Groups serviced office business centre The Gridiron building. The type of office therefore often has a larger impact on London companies when looking for a new space.

gridiron building 3
The modern breakout area at the Gridiron Building

When the King’s Cross development is fully completed there will be an increase in office space and this will allow more business into the area. In the future, we expect to see a rise in demand for office space in King’s Cross, for both its exceptional transport links and for quality and style of building.

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