Office Space Calculator

Thirty years ago, Central London offices were spacious affairs that offered an average of 350 sq. ft per person. However, the world has changed dramatically since then, and today’s average is around 100 sq. ft – a figure that is likely to get even smaller. Demand for space has led to properties being changed in order for landlords to get as much money out of their properties as possible, with many office blocks and other buildings being re-imagined drastically.

When it comes to choosing your next office, there are scores of advantages attached to choosing the tenant-only representatives at King’s Cross Office Space.

When you take a lease (a rental agreement lasting more than 12 months) you get to decide exactly how much space you need. You also need to think about your future plans for expansion, the nature of the business itself and whether you are or plan on becoming a client-facing business at some point. These are just a few of the issues you need to think about when looking for office space.

At King’s Cross Office Space, we have an excellent track record when it comes to understanding our clients’ needs. We speak in-depth to you about the nature of your business in order to grasp what your office requirements are. Learning about your future vision, we take into account your present needs and gain a full picture of your circumstances. This makes it easier for us to offer the advice and guidance you seek when navigating the Central London property market.

We have worked with clients from a huge range of sectors, including start-ups and names of global renown. Our vast expertise means that we can help you whether you’re hoping to lease your first-ever office or are planning on purchasing office space. We can be involved at every stage, from initial advice being offered to the fit out process.

Find out more about how King’s Cross Office Space works by getting in touch today. Don’t look anywhere else if you’re looking for independent and impartial support in your search.