Lease Renewals

When your lease comes to an end, you can restructure your lease terms. Most renewals have a tough legal framework attached and can be referred to court, but a number of leases are now unprotected.

Our property experts are able to guide you round the whole field of lease renewal, and can make negotiations on your behalf. We can offer strategic advice and support throughout the process of negotiation and during any relevant legal activities.

Our lease renewal negotiation work includes:

Renewal initiation via serving appropriate notice and taking all relevant actions

Responding to all notices served by landlords to protect your position

When renewals are unopposed and tenants decide to renew, we can negotiate terms to get the best deal

If a renewal is not opposed but tenants do not want to renew, we can negotiate termination, whilst getting the best value for the tenant.

Get in touch today to find out more about our lease renewals service. We can help you with any aspect of office space leasing and your work space search.