Why ‘Going it Alone’ is Risky Business

Many clients arrive at King’s Cross Office Space having already attempted to make inroads into the Central London property market to no avail.

There’s no doubt that looking for a new office can be an intimidating business, and many people aren’t prepared for just how tough it can be. More and more companies are appearing in the Central London area all the time, and there’s a huge chance that any office you do find will be incredibly different from your existing space.

If you don’t know what is available, or what your exact requirements are, you may find yourself lost at sea. You may become even more confused when dealing with brokers and agents trying to push unsuitable properties onto you. For many agents, the idea is not to find you your ideal space. The focus is instead on making you compromise as much as possible.

At King’s Cross Office Space, we’re different.

We endeavour to get to know our clients in-depth. We make no presumptions when we first sit down for a coffee with you. We take as much time as we need to learn about who you are, what you do, and where you are heading. When we have the understanding that we need, we become better placed to offer you the support and guidance that you require.

Your workspace should reflect your business perfectly.

Once we know what you are looking for we are able to scour the Central London market with all the information needed to find your ideal office. We are completely independent from landlords and brokers, which means that we can work with each and every building in the area to find a home that suits you down to the ground. Once you have made a choice, we go to war on your behalf to get you the best terms and prices.

As one of the most powerful tenant-representative consultancies in the area, King’s Cross Office Space are able to work exclusively for you to get you the best possible deal. Our experience and expertise allows us to easily locate the best deals, and our legal experts can draft tenant-focused leases that will help you to avoid nasty financial surprises.

Get in touch today if you’re interested in relocating or haven’t found the right office space for your needs yet.