Open Plan: Is it Right For You?

Is An Open Plan Office a Good Match For Your Company?

More companies are investing in open plan offices – but why?

In open plan offices, teams are not cut off from each other working in separate rooms or huddled round clusters of desks. Open plan layouts aren’t ideal for everyone, so it is worth investigating the pros and cons of such a layout before you sign up for anything.

At King’s Cross Office Space, we’ve used our experience and expertise to compile a list of open plan office pros and cons.


Better collaboration – In an open office, employees and encouraged to talk to one another and collaborate in order to overcome challenges.

Cost-efficiency – the fewer divisions you have, the more desks you can use, which allows you to mae the most of your space.

Natural light – when you tear down walls and opt for an open office approach, natural light is allowed to flood your environment. There’ll be less competition for specific desks, as everyone will be able to feel the full benefits of the space.

Extra space – Additional space acquired via an open office concept can be used for break out areas and suchlike, which again encourage employees to collaborate with each other.


Hearing – Noise may become an issue when so many people are located in an open plan environment. There may be multiple conversations going off at once and it may be harder to conduct a phone conversation.

Walls remain: Even in open plan office environments, you may still require the use of meeting rooms and board rooms as well as booths, leaving you with more walls than you were hoping for.

To get round the obstacles, many companies have decided to opt for semi-open offices or to retain meeting and boardrooms. Semi-open offices generally place teams in clusters, with low walls allowing them some degree or privacy.

King’s Cross Office Space can provide you with the help you need if you are considering a fit out or refurbishments. With links to some of the best office architects and tradesmen in the business, you can rely on us to support you in implementing your ideal office environment.

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