Are Standing Desks the Future?

The standing desk trend has swept the offices of London but we don’t yet know whether they are here to stay or just a flash in the pan.

There are apparently various benefits to standing desks. Although you may feel uncomfortable for the first few weeks, some defenders of the trend say that they don’t envisage returning to sitting ever again. Various health organisations have outlined the benefits, saying people who adopt standing desks stand to lose more calories and see their posture and respiratory function improved. Nonetheless, what are the implications for today’s workplaces?

Standing desks mean that businesses need to offer less space per employee. Standing employees take up much less space, and this could be used for break out and meeting areas. Some employees claim to feel more ‘energised’ by declining to sit and say that they feel remarkably more productive.

It’s also claimed that standing can lead to increased collaboration between employees. Companies like Google and Facebook are famed for their unconventional approach to office layout, investing huge sums of money in innovative workspace to nurture better communication and innovation. Many people say that inventive desk arrangements promote increased engagement.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of employees are yet to pledge allegiance to standing desks just yet, although the trend is becoming more common. Many King’s Cross Office Space clients are already experimenting with standing desks.

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