Considering a freehold office in Kings Cross?

Considering a freehold office in Kings Cross? In the last 12 months we have seen the rise of owner occupiers in the area with small to medium sized businesses opting to purchase a long term home for their business. You can just imagine the alleluia moment that finance directors and CFO’s must have in their end of year board meeting and whilst staring through a summary of accounts over their trading history they awaken to the scary truth that their business has spent millions of pounds in rent to private landlords, so at the very least it poses the question – is it time to own our office?


One factor that keeps coming up with our clients is one of control. Leasing an office immediately creates a problem of a lack of control and the fact that there is no guarantee that their landlords won’t make significant rental increases when their lease renewals come around and sometimes even worse, they choose not to renew at all. Of course you can negotiate terms and cap rents upon the creation of the lease but ultimately control of the property is out of your hands.


With diligent consideration, buying a freehold office in Kings Cross will most likely prove to be a shrewed investment. Over the long run there is possibility that the value of the property will appreciate over the years and of course there are potentially immediate benefits if you choose to rent out excess space providing additional and dependable income.


Here at Kings Cross Office Space we help businesses identify viable freehold office units and buildings. Once secured we also offer property management services so that we can take the potential stress and risk away from you to owning your own commercial space by making repairs, ensuring the building meets regulations, arranging sufficient insurance cover and anything else that shields you so that you can focus on your business.

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